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Recharge for Dogs

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Species: Dogs, Greyhound

Range: Electrolytes

Recharge for Dogs


As an aid in restoring fluid and electrolyte levels depleted by training, travelling, racing and hot weather. Aids rapid recovery from fatigue and dehydration.


  • Rapidly replenishes electrolytes and fluids lost during exercise, travelling and other stressful conditions
  • Rapidly restores vitality
  • Easy to use liquid concentrate – simply add to drinking water
  • Suitable for use in hot weather
  • Tasty flavour dogs will love


  • Racing/travelling greyhounds
  • Working dogs
  • Nursing bitches
  • Dehydrated dogs, due to illness or heat stress


500mL and 1L


5mL of RECHARGE contains:

Sodium 0.14g Citrate 0.06g
Potassium 0.15g Magnesium 0.02g
Chloride 0.22g Sulfate 0.06g
Phosphate 0.09g Glucose 1.3g


  • Ensure an adequate supply of clean, cool, fresh drinking water is available after offering RECHARGE drink.
  • The RECHARGE concentrate should be diluted with clean, fresh drinking water as directed. The diluted drink should be offered as the first drink during cooling down from exercise.
  • Before Racing: Mix 5mL into 125mL (1/2 cupful) of cool, clean water, and offer as a drink after travelling prior to kennelling. Estimate the weight loss and offer sufficient to satisfy the greyhound’s thirst, but take care to avoid exceeding the greyhound’s racing weight range.
  • After Racing: Mix 10mL into 250mL (1 cupful) of cool, clean water, and offer as a drink during the cooling down period. Provide a bowl of fresh, cool water in conjunction with the RECHARGE drink in the kennel.
  • Hot weather/Nursing Bitches: A bulk solution can be prepared and offered as an alternative drink in conjunction with fresh water. Mix at the rate of 40mL/litre water. Portion out to each greyhound as required, in addition to a bowl of fresh water. Bulk solution may be refrigerated. Mix fresh solution each day.
Weight 1.00000000 g
Dimensions 20.00000000 × 10.00000000 × 5.00000000 cm

500ml, 1ltr


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