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Fenpral Intestinal Allwormers for Dogs

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Fenpral is used for the control of all gastrointestinal worms in dogs including: Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm, Tapeworm and Hydatid Tapeworm.

Each 10kg tablet contains 50mg Praziquantel, 144mg Pyrantel Embonate,
250mg Fenbendazole.

Administer a single dose by mouth. Weigh dog to determine dosage, giving one (1) tablet per 10kg (or 40kg bodyweight depending on size of tablet purchased), rounding up to the nearest tablet. Treatment is best given after a meal in the morning.

Hydatid tapeworm: Dogs should not be fed, or allowed to feed on, offal from any species. Dogs in hydatid area should be treated every 6 weeks.
Other tapeworms: Treat every 3 months.

Roundworm and hookworm: Treat at 2,4,8 and 12 weeks √’ thereafter every 3 months.

Whipworm: Treat every 6 to 8 weeks after 3 months of age.

Pregnant bitches: Treat at mating, before whelping and then every 3 months.


• 10kg x 1 tablet
• 10kg x 20 tablet
• 10kg x 20 tablets

• 40kg x 1 tablet
• 40kg x 10 tablets
• 40kg x 50 tablets

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10kg 1 tablet, 10kg 20 tablets, 10kg 100 tablets, 40kg 1 tablet, 40kg 10 tablets, 40kg 50 tablets


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