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The most comprehensive antioxidant available….

When greyhounds are racing at full speed, up to 2 litres of oxygen per 30 seconds is taken up from the lungs and carried by the red blood cells to the rapidly contracting muscles to cross the thin, fat (lipid) layers of the muscle cell wall into the muscle to fuel energy metabolism.

The high concentration of oxygen transferring through the cell walls can damage the polyunsaturated fat (lipid) layers and result in harmful free radical formation, which in turn causes inflammation, enzyme leakage and loss of muscle contraction speed and strength  all which directly affect performance.  Vitamin E, selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin A all contribute to the antioxidant protection and help to maintain stability of muscle cells under high oxygen transfer rates during sprint racing. Greyhounds receiving a low or inadequate intake of muscle antioxidants are prone to muscle related problems, such as weakness, lack of stamina, early race fatigue, muscle cell damage and cramping.

ACE™ has been formulated as a complete antioxidant formulation, just not a simple Vitamin E supplement!

ACE™ contains the most potent natural source RRR form of Vitamin E, organic selenium (fully chelated), Vitamin A, Vitamin C and organic magnesium, as well as potassium, which have roles in maintaining the stability and function of muscle cell membranes, including the heart muscle.  By optimising the utilisation of oxygen and  minimising harmful free radical formation, these nutrients can optimise the efficiency of oxygen utilisation within rapidly contracting muscle cells. Special pre-race dosages of ACE™ are recommended to help maximise antioxidant activity during racing.

Available in 250gm and 1.2kg containers.

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