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5 x The Original Australian Nylon (Plastic) Muzzle

$ 79.75

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This deal is for 5 of our Nylon Muzzles for $79.75. You save $10.00


At home or on the track your greyhound will be happier wearing an Original Australian Nylon (Plastic) Muzzle. Proudly manufactured by K B & M L Ferguson better known as Australian Greyhound Products, these muzzles are the safest racing muzzle on the market today. They will not break, split, crack or peel so you will never have to be concerned about your dogs face being injured from puncture wounds that wire muzzles can and do cause.

The Original Australian Nylon (Plastic) Muzzles were designed by Azpak Marketing and are wholly manufactured in Australia using specially formulated nylon, which gives a tough, durable muzzle that is “kind” on your greyhound. They are light, very comfortable, yet incredibly hard wearing.

The soft pliable feather weight of the Nylon means that your dogs will hardly know they have a muzzle on.

The six different sizes are colour-coded and cater for all greyhounds from 22kg (50lbs) to 40kg (80lbs).

Yellow 22kgs – 25kgs
Blue 25kgs – 28kgs
White 28kgs – 31kgs
Red 31kgs – 34kgs
Green 34kgs – 37kgs
Black 37kgs – 40kgs

Customers please note:  All muzzle bases are white as shown in the photos and only the neck strap is coloured according to the size range above.

The Original Australian Nylon (Plastic) Muzzles are ideal for many uses. They are a great Yard Muzzle, ideal for travelling, kennelling & trialling and can be worn on the track as a race muzzle in all Australian states excluding Victoria and Tasmania.

The Original Australian Nylon Muzzles can be re-moulded to fit the exact shape of any greyhound’s head, simply by holding in hot water for 60 seconds, re-shaping and then setting in cold water for 30 seconds.

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 0.00000000 × 0.00000000 × 0.00000000 cm


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