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We acquired the Australian Greyhound Muzzles business late in 2013 and immediately registered the business name Australian Greyhound Products. It was our mission from that day forward to become so much more than just a muzzle business and so we set a series of steps in place to make that vision become a reality.

In the winter of 2015 our suppliers could not keep up with the demand our customers needed when it came to greyhound coats so we purchased a sewing machine, came up with a few design ideas and away we went. Our customers loved our coats so much that we began receiving requests for custom coats for many different breeds of dogs, from Jack Russells to Dobermans.

We realised then that it wasn’t just coats that the discerning dog lover and owner might need for their beloved pooch but every product imaginable for their beloved canine companion. That’s when Australian Greyhound Products evolved into Australian Canine Products. We have now extended our range to include:

Collars & Leads, Collars & Leads, Squeaker toys, Worming Tablets, Trialling Vests, Supplements, T-shirts, calendars and so on. We still cater largely for sighthounds so whether you have a greyhound, whippet, saluki, borzoi, an italian greyhound, rhodesian ridgeback or in deed any of the other many sighthounds or medium breeds of dogs we may just have a suitable product for you and your hound.







We genuinely love a happy customer so we manufacture and source only the best quality products
so that you won’t need to shop around. Thank you for choosing Australian Greyhound Products.

We look forward to assisting you on your quest for a contented canine companion.

So check back often and watch this space!