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We acquired the Australian Greyhound Muzzles business in 2014 and registered the business name Australian Greyhound Products immediately as we were so much more than just a muzzle business.

In the winter of 2015 our suppliers could not keep up with the demand our customers needed when it came to greyhound coats so we purchased a sewing machine, came up with a few design ideas and away we went.

Our customers loved our coats so much that we began receiving requests for custom coats for many different breeds of dogs, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. Soon after we realised there was a very big market for quality dog coats at affordable prices. We decided to bring our coats to the domestic dog market as well as all the other items an owner might need to care for their canine companion. That’s when Australian Greyhound Products became Australian Canine Products.

We design and create our own coats with precision and care as well as ordering in high quality coats from other manufacturers. So if you don’t see anything you like in our range of pre ordered manufactured coats you can choose our Custom Design Option and build your own. So whilst we might not be the cheapest on the market you can rest assured that what you are getting is a great quality product.

At Australian Canine Products we know how much you love your dog/s because we love ours too! And we know that you want them to be happy, healthy and loved. That’s why we choose all our products with careful consideration so that you and your canine companion will be happy with the result.

Thank you for choosing Australian Canine Products. We look forward to assisting you on your quest for a contented canine companion!

We currently service a number of wholesale customers including: Trackside Sellers, Greyhound Adoption Programs, various Retail Outlets, Veterinary Clinics and Greyhound Racing Clubs and our Original Australian Nylon (Plastic) Muzzles among other products are proudly exported all around the world to a growing number of countries.

Our team love nothing better than a happy customer and so we manufacture and source only the best quality products so that you won’t need to shop around.

We offer more of the great products we’ve always had for sighthounds only now we cater for all your dogs. That’s right – whether you’ve got Chihuahuas or Great Danes we have products for them all.

From collars, leads and muzzles to coats and bedding, buckets and bowls, toys and grooming aids or worming products and vitamins we are sure you’ll find our growing range and great service beneficial for you and your pets.