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One of the best experiences in life is to have an adorable dog companion. We understand how important this is because we’re parents to amazing dogs as well. They play an important role in our lives and improve both our mental and physical health levels significantly. We’re here to help you find new ways to make walking a more enjoyable experience for both dogs and their parents alike.

Based out of Victoria, Australia, our team is passionate about providing products and services that will significantly boost the quality of your dog’s life and make it happier and cheery while out on a walk. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you and your dog have an excellent relationship that is enjoyable to you both.

Australian Greyhound Products™ stocks many different products – from simple collars and leads to a growing variety of muzzles. You can select from a rich collection of practical, and stylish dog accessories that are of top-notch quality and at affordable prices. Our mission is to ensure that you and your beloved pup have access to quality products that will leave you both with a smile.

Unbeatable Quality
Our pups are our best friends and completely dependent on us for their needs. This is why we only stock products that are completely safe and made using long-lasting quality materials. As a result, dog lovers no longer need to be worried about their dogs having to mess around with products of inferior quality.

Great Customer Service
We’re always here to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line by emailing your questions to We’re here to help!

Small and Family Owned Business
As you know, small, family-owned ventures play a critical part in a strong and healthy economy – and we’re proud of the role that we play. Whenever you purchase a product or products through us, you’re not purchasing simply from another corporate giant, rather helping support local business and doing your bit for the economy.

Giving Back to The Community Is Important for Us
A portion of our profits are donated to Dog Rescue centres all over the country. However, we also regularly help non-profit organisations that need donations and supplies. If you would like to team up with us for your rescue organisation, do give us a call or email at and let’s get started!

Wholesale Enquiries Welcome
We offer special discounts for large kennels and breeders as well as greyhound clubs, retail outlets and other resellers. So if you want to purchase in bulk please contact us before placing your order to discuss your requirements.

At Australian Greyhound Products, we stock a range of canine products, but our primary focus is on greyhound dog muzzles and products to suit all sighthounds. We are dog lovers and appreciate and understand the happiness and joy they can bring to a family. We are regarded as the home of the Original Australian Nylon Muzzle and stock the best greyhound muzzles, including a greyhound racing muzzle. If you have never bought a dog muzzle before and wish to buy a greyhound muzzle, we will be happy to offer you plenty of helpful advice.

If you have been searching the internet for greyhound dog muzzles for sale or greyhound racing muzzles for sale, you will no doubt have been swamped by a plethora of options, which, quite frankly, can blow your mind! We will advise you which would be the best greyhound dog muzzle and can teach you how to check that it is the right size and show you how to ensure that it is fitted correctly. Obviously, the muzzles should be comfortable for the dog, but they must also be securely fastened to ensure that your dog can’t remove them. For most dogs, plastic greyhound muzzles are the most appropriate.

Of course, we don’t just stock greyhound dog muzzles; we have an extensive range of other canine products, including a greyhound dog kennel coat and a selection of greyhound dog collars. The greyhound dog kennel coat, greyhound dog collars, and greyhound dog muzzles will ensure your dogs’ comfort and safety. However, we also understand that you want man’s best friend to look their best, so all the items we stock will have your favourite animals looking their best whatever the occasion! Having a good-looking and, more importantly, happy and healthy animal is something that all responsible dog owners want to achieve.

Since our humble beginnings, we have always stocked high-quality products that represent excellent value for money. We have the best greyhound muzzle in Australia, while all our other products are items we would be happy for our own dogs to wear. Indeed, one of our principles is that we will only stock items we would be delighted to use on our own animals. Before including them in our range, we thoroughly check and research all products, such as a greyhound racing muzzle. We won’t stock inferior products, so you can be confident that if you buy a greyhound muzzle from us, it will be top quality giving you the peace of mind that you crave.

So, suppose you are searching for greyhound dog muzzles for sale, greyhound racing muzzles for sale, or other canine products such as plastic greyhound muzzles, Australian Greyhound Products is the company that you can trust. If you would like more information about any of our products, have some questions, or merely want to seek our advice as a trusted business, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us at +61 435 825 418, email us at , or contact us directly via our website.